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Opening and Communication, The Bridge of Connecting Product R&D and Market Demand of WOUXUN
The team of Hong Kong China Amateur Radio Research Association visited WOUXUN on July 2nd of 2018. The Hong Kong China Amateur Radio Research Association was founded in 1949, and it is an organization which focus on promoting amateur radios, electronic products and computer technology research, connecting the Wireless Radios section, the Electronics section and the Computer section, with the aim of learning technology and mutual progress.

The Core Members Take Photos With The Leader of WOUXUN
WOUXUN company instructed some practice activities about radio communication and the applied electronics production with pictures and texts for the Research Association. WOUXUN showed our new workshop with the new standardized production also, helping them understand the detailed R&D and production process for two-way radios and accessories, making the demos for the two-way radios in the showing room including the hot sales and new arrivals. The whole team of the Research Association are all impressed about the R&D, manufacture, production, sales and even repair for the two-way radios and accessories.

The Members Visited Products Exhibition Hall of WOUXUN
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