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wouxun kg-v98

Supper Long Talk Range
Thanks to PoC (Push-to-Talk Over Cellular) And Cross Band Repeater Technology ,
The KG-V98 Can Support Supper Long Talk Range More Than 100 KM.

Three Modes
There Are Three Mode in KG-V98 , VHF & UHF & PoC (Push-to-Talk Over Cellular)

Cross Band Repeater
KG-V98 Repeater Support VHF ↔ UHF,VHF↔POC, UHF↔POC

Telephone Call
KG-V98 Support Voice Telephone Call

High Power 5W
The Highest Power For KG-V98 is 5W.

  • Customizable Phone Call Function
  • Compatible With 4G / 3G / 2G Public Network
  • Network to Analogue , Analogue to Network , Analogue to Analogue
  • Duplex Work at A / B / C Areas , One Area TX , Another Area RX
  • Dual Receive , Simultaneous Reception Among A / B / C Areas , Same Band or
    Cross Band Available
  • Large Colorful Screen
  • Tri-Bands Display on The Large Screen Independently
  • Frequency Offset And Direction Programmable in Repeater Mode UHF / VHF
    or VHF / UHF Cross-Band Repeater
  • Bright Flashlight Illumination
  • QT / DQT Encoding and Decoding
  • QT / DQT Scan
  • Support RealPTT Public Network Platform
  • VOX and SOS Function
  • Multi Definition For Sidekeys
  • Incoming Message Display Caller ID
  • DTMF Encoding And Decoding
  • All Calls , Group Calls And Selective Calls
  • Priority Scan Function
  • Remote Alarm
  • Wide / Narrow Bandwidth Selection (12.5 / 25 KHz)
  • Chinese or English Voice Guide
  • Reverse Frequency
  • Stopwatch , Compander
  • Setting For Backlight
  • Single Tone Pulse Frequency , 1000 / 1450 / 1750 / 2100 KHz
   Audio Power ≤500 mW
   Operating Temperature -20 ℃~+40 ℃
   Voltage 7.4 VDC
   Weight 298 G
   Dimension 28 x 50 x 132 MM

Public Network
   Work Frequency Compatible With 4G / 3G / 2G Network
   Max TX Power 23~25dBm @ AII Up Bits
   RX Sensitivity -106 dBm

  Frequency Range

   Suitable For Different Countries or Areas
   136-174 & 400-470MHz (RX/TX)
   136-174 & 400-480MHz (RX/TX)
   144-148 & 430-440MHz (RX/TX)
    76-108MHz (FM , RX , Setp 100K)

   Setp 5 / 6.25 / 12.5 / 25 / 50 / 100 KHz
   Memory Channels 999
   Mode F2D/F3E
   Antenna Impedance 50Ω
Analogue Transmitter
  Wide Narrow
   Adjacent Channel Selectivity ≤ 70dB ≤ 60dB
   Inter-Modulation ≤ 65dB ≤ 65dB
   Spurious Response ≤ 70dB ≤ 70dB
   Audio Response +1~-3dB(0.3~3KHz) +1~-3dB(0.3~3KHz)
   Squelch Sensitivity ≥45dB ≥40dB
   Audio Distortion ≤5%
   Output Power UHF 4W , VHF 5W
Analogue Receiver
  Wide Narrow
   Modulation 16K F3E 11K F3E
   Effective Radiation Power ≥70dB ≥60dB
   Spurious Response ≥60dB ≥60dB
   Audio Response +1~-3dB(0.3~3KHz) +1~-3dB(0.3~3KHz)
   Max Offset ±5KHZ ±2.5KHZ
   Frequency Stability ±2.5PPM
   Audio Distortion ≤5%
   Sensitivity UHF : 0.25uV(12dB SINAD)
VHF : 0.25uV(12dB SINAD)
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