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Welcome to Wouxun English Official Website. Wouxun Electronics Company owns the advanced equipment, international standard production
administration and completed after-sales service, in order to provide the highly cost effective radios.
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Video Introducing Bluetooth Microphone MMO-004   WOUXUN Donates a Batch of Radio to Help Novel Coronavirus Epidemic Prevention
Wouxun New Download Resource And New Radio
   Resource Update = User Manual , Programming Software
   KG-UV86 User Manual 2020-10
   KG-UV86 Programming Software , V2.60 2020-10
   KG-UV970P User Manual 2020-09
   KG-UV980P User Manual 2020-09
   KG-UV980H User Manual 2020-09
   KG-D88 Programming Software , V1.28 2020-07
   Resource Update = System Firmware , Use Guide , Radio Review
   Wireless Programming APP via Bluetooth for KG-988 , V2.05 2020-08
   KG-UV8H Brochure 2020-05
   Wouxun Two Way Radio Catalog 2020-03
   KG-UVN1 No Compromises 2020-03
   Instructions to Activate Auto Repeater Mode KG-V55 2020-01
   Programming Guide For KG-V55 2020-01
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MURS Two Way Radio KG-978M   Public Network Radio KG-WV965   USB Charging Cable   Bluetooth Headset
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